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"The Company" -July 2014   by Megan A. Johnson

      Woken from my slumber, half-in and half-out of dream...
warmly nestled against the roots of a great aged tree, and wrapped in a cloak of
dappled sunlight and shadow..

      Per chance, I heard a far-away tinkling, as though silvery bells on the
livery of tiny horses led in a procession...soft thuds for miniature foot-falls...
soft neighs and snorts of burdened beasts, accompanied by mirthful laughter and musical
speech like a babbling brook, making it's hurried way over smooth-worn pebbles and mossy rocks...

      Laying still, barely a breath stirring forth from my chest, I risked a
cracked lid to chance a glimpse of the passing troupe of the Little Folk, the Shining Ones...
      -The Queen and her dark horned Lord at the head of the Company...
She, resplendent in a pale gown surely spun of the lightest gossamer, merely whispering
across her glowing skin...her wings shone like crystal caught in an errant sunbeam.
Her Lord's massive and terrible stag antlers appearing to put such weight upon his
dark and noble brow, but He leaving no trace of his step in his wake.

     The procession seemed to go on and on, peopled with all manner of the Good Folk...
winged and hooved, tree bark for skin, horned and spotted, and so on...and in all manner of dress.
-I was shocked to see some bare as the day they were made!  Some clothed in leaves and flower petals, or the metallic carapaces of various beetles and other iridescent insects...
others adorned in a motley of leathers and furs, and bits of moss and lichen...and still others, materials I can put no name to...not of this world, I am sure!

     They moved steadily onward along their path at a quick enough pace,
but their movements seemed more that of a dance than that of a walk...
wending their way here and there through ancient Oaks and Elms...the underbrush,
even at it's thickest, never seeming to hinder or slow their enchanting movements.

     I forgot myself for a watching their procession pass me...
for apparently I sat up with my eyes wide awe of their miniature details
and beguiling and terrible beauty...their inescapable Otherworldliness.
     Slowly I came to realize that they, in turn, had taken notice of me...and while
in my beguiled and enchanted state, they had circled 'round and had me now surrounded...
trapped against the now cold roots of this great and ancient tree I had previously
found comfort in.
     Darkness quickly descended in the wood around me and the Fair Ones, holding aloft lanterns like small glowing blue lights dwindling into the darkened wood, appeared to
glow in their Glamour...and then to grow...hedging me in tighter and tighter...

     And then I awoke with a start...breath heavy and fast in the cool air...
the forest silent and chill in the early light of the morning's dawn.
The forest looked the same but felt different.  On my path back home, little more
than a squirrel's tread now, I noticed broken mushrooms in a partial ring near my tree,
as though trampled underfoot...the forest seemed older the further I journeyed...

     I felt disoriented...out of my own world perhaps...
Upon reaching my home I was startled and alarmed to find my once verdant fields
now barren and fallow, my windows dark and shattered, my hearth dead and cold...
everything under dust and web.

        For how long have I slumbered!!??

~Megan Johnson


Megan Johnson
United States
Current Residence: Wyoming
Favourite genre of music: New Age, Soft Rock, Oldies, Ambient, etc
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: traditional/handmade/fantasy/illustrated/painted
MP3 player of choice: IPod
Shell of choice: My 17 years old body...alas!
Favourite cartoon character: She-Ra, Rainbow Bright, X-Men
Hello everyone,

Recently moved from WY to KY...still settling and currently without internet outside of my haven't been able to do any updating in a while.

BUT.... if anyone is wanting a commission for Faery or Steampunk themed costume accessories before Halloween, please let me know. 
Email has been changed to reflect my new Co. name. So please contact me at:   I will be checking this email regularly.

Masks, wings, garlands, hats, goggles, etc.

And feel free to follow me on Instagram:  midsummers_Night_Masquerade

Thanks so much!!!

~Megan J.
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